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Meeting USP/FCC, FDA and any other government requirements is the top priority of our manufacturing practices at NHU facilities. Our commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety shines through in every aspect of our operations.


At China Vitamins, we strive for excellence. We understand that the security of our supply is vital and we work hard to deliver what we promise. On a daily basis, we work to:

  • Accurately forecast our customers’ needs based upon past trends, the latest industry developments and future market outlooks

  • Drive positive outcomes for our customers through researching solutions to resolve and prevent issues

  • Monitor movements of cargo shipped via FCL, LCL, Loose Cargo & air both internationally and domestically to ensure on-time deliveries


Our customers are an extension of our business. We work closely with them to provide financial benefits and to make sure they stay competitive. Over the years, we have proudly offered pricing advantages to our multinational and global conglomerate customers to support their success in various industries.


Our customers are key to our growth and success, so it is our mission to make our service second to none. We believe each customer is different and therefore we operate our business with a tailored approach. We are always eager to take the extra step to learn more about and adapt to each customer’s unique needs to make sure they are happy with and benefit from our services and products.


China Vitamins is comprised of driven people who are passionate about bringing value to their customers. Our employees are well-trained with extensive experience and expertise in our industry, which enables our team to share excellent product knowledge, market news and trends on a regular basis. As a result, our customers are better prepared to make informed decisions, capitalize early on upcoming opportunities, and effectively mitigate potential risks. With a culture based on collaboration, we make every effort to provide our customers with the highest level of seamless service so that they ultimately walk away with a competitive advantage.

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