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Established in 1998, as a partner of Zhejiang NHU Co., Ltd., China Vitamins, LLC, is a leading provider of bulk vitamins and nutritional products in North America.

We create value through quality and reliability, and provide financial benefits to our customers in the Animal Nutrition, Dietary Supplement, and Food and Beverage industries.

Welcome to China Vitamins, LLC

Vitamins are essential additives in animal feed. China Vitamins plays a vital role in American markets by providing major vitamins that support premix and animal feed production.

With the exception of Vitamin D, humans obtain essential vitamins through their diet, and the lack of sufficient vitamin intake can lead to many health problems and dysfunctions. The most effective way to ensure we get the necessary nutrition our bodies demand is by taking vitamin supplements and by fortifying our food with our needed daily requirements.

In addition to human and animal nutrition products, Flavor and Fragrance and Industrial Biocides intermediates play a major role in our product portfolio.